Service Status

At PureWL – We prioritize transparency to keep our valued business partners informed about the performance of our white label VPN services. Real-time updates are vital for ensuring a seamless and secure experience for both you and your users. Here’s the current status of our key service components:

Service Status Overview

Current Status by Service: Active Maintenance Outage Incident

Shared Network: Active
SDK Error Handling: Active
API and Console: Active
IAM & AD Services: Active
Dediated Network: Active
Application AuthO: Active

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Improved ARPUs and Lifetime Margins

As a SaaS vendor, your aim is profitability and long-term sustainability. PureWL’s white-label VPN integration is your key to boosting Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and enhancing lifetime margins. Elevate your SaaS offering and discover how our solution can increase your recurring revenue while delighting your customers with added value.

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Data Insights

Leverage the data insights provided by the VPN service to refine your SaaS product, offer personalized recommendations, and create targeted marketing campaigns, all of which can boost lifetime margins.

Bundled Services

Enhance your SaaS product by bundling it with our VPN service. Offer customers a comprehensive solution, allowing you to charge a premium price for the combined package.

Long-Term Subscriptions

Boost your ARPU by promoting longer subscription periods. Offer incentives for annual or multi-year VPN subscriptions, increasing both short-term revenue and customer lifetime value.

Customer Retention

A reliable and secure VPN service enhances your customers’ overall experience, leading to higher customer retention rates and increased lifetime margins.

 Reduced Churn

The added value of our VPN service reduces churn rates, as customers perceive your product as more comprehensive and valuable making you market leader with comprehensive offering.

Reduced Support Costs

Our round-the-clock customer support as an add-on service can significantly reduce your customer support expenses, optimizing your operational costs and improving lifetime margins.