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Empowering Online Security & Privacy

With a legacy spanning over a decade, we stand as one of the pioneer in the industry trusted by millions of users, enterprises and leaders worldwide. 

Our Story – How We Got Here

In 2007, our journey began with a bold dream—to reclaim the internet for everyone. Three young graduates laid the foundation for what would become PureVPN now under the umbrella of Puresquare, a pioneering force in the world of cyber security and privacy. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown exponentially, consistently pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

Empowering Brands with PureWL

A significant chapter in our journey unfolded when we launched our White Label VPN program under the brand “PureWL.” This endeavor marked our commitment to not only protect individual internet users but also to empower brands with customizable security solutions. From this point onward, we’ve been at the forefront of the White Label VPN industry, offering tailored, secure, and versatile solutions to industry leaders.

Timeline – 15 Years of Legacy 


Here is how our journey began when three young graduates came together with the dream of reclaiming the internet for all, decided to commercialize a product they build in free time.

Launched PureVPN


Being the only bootstrapped VPN brand in this business, we had to start from scratch. Among many small features in our first few years, our biggest was going global.

PureVPN expands to 16 global servers

2009 – 2010

While our server footprint expanded all over the world, we also released new client applications and featured new add-ons to all our users.

  • Released Apps on Windows and Mac & Launched Dedicated IP as an add-on

2011 – 2012

Focusing on offering better user experience on all platforms, we released our VPN apps on Android and iOS so that users can stay connected from anywhere and on any device.

Android and iOS apps released

2013 -2014

PureVPN’s user-base rose to more than 200,000. With this advancement and with the ever-evolving nature of technology, our apps needed advanced tweaking and some new features.

PureVPN grows to 100-member team

2015 – 2016

PureVPN reached over one million VPN users in less than 10 years. Despite the growing numbers, we also added new in-demand features.

PureVPN crossed over one million users benchmark

2017 – 2018

Launched our popular browser extensions. As our team grew, we became among the first few in the industry to comply with GDPR policies and introduce crypto as a payment method.

PureVPN’s team expands to 200 members

2019 – 2020

Adding dedicated product teams to our roster, we ensured that all our users could get the best experience and connect to our VPN network in less than five seconds through all Apps.

  • Connect to PureVPN in 5 seconds

2020 – 2021

Joining hands with i2Coalition to support the VPN Trust Initiative. More significantly, we moved our headquarters to a region with strong data protection legislation.

  • PureVPN relocates HQ to the BVI


We became the first commercial VPN with quantum-resistant capabilities. inducted our WireGuard protocol, and several popular apps.

Launched: PureKeep, PurePrivacy, PureEncrypt, PureWL


Kicking off the new year with the introduction of PureSquare, the brainchild of passionate cybersecurity minds working towards creating holistic security and privacy solutions.

PureSquare goes live

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team is the backbone of PureWL. We’re a diverse group of experts passionate about online security and privacy. Meet some of the faces behind our success.

Uzair Gadit

Chief Executive Officer

Arqam Gadit

Chief Product Officer

Emre Tok

Chief Growth Officer

Bilal Saleem Khan

Director Commercials

Sehrish Syed

Director Product Marketing

Yulia Ponomareva

Director Business Development

Fuad Hasni

Director Engineering

Atif Farooqui

Head of Network Planning

Shan Raza

 Senior Solution Architect

Muhammad Jebran

Sr. Manager NSP Operations

Adeeb Aslam

Manager Operations

Waqas Ahmed

Manager API & Services

Munib Shaukat

Manager Apps & SDK

 Our Core Values That Shape Everything We Do

These principles are more than words; they’re our guiding light. From embracing failure for growth to our unyielding customer commitment, our values define us in the VPN world.

Contact Information

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