Digital Privacy and Network Security

Enabling Secure VPN Connectivity via Routers

Industry: Hardware Manufacturers

Highlights: PureWL APIs, Custom Solution, IoT Devices, Hardware

“Our partnership with PureWL has been a game-changer. They helped us address critical challenges, expand our product offerings, and establish ourselves as industry leaders. Thanks to their powerful APIs, our VPN-integrated router technology now sets a new standard for online privacy and security. We’re thrilled with the results.”


In an era where digital privacy and security take center stage, a prominent router company, renowned for its commitment to innovation, embarked on a transformative journey. This case study unveils how PureWL’s VPN services helped this company redefine online privacy, security, while overcoming significant challenges in the process.

The partnership between the router company and PureWL addressed crucial business challenges, including transitioning to a recurring revenue model (SaaS), increasing the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), profitability and enhanced user engagement.

Navigating Complexities & Challenges

Client’s Vision

The VPN router company identified a Gap: the need to transcend the traditional VPN app model. Recognizing that numerous devices, such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles (Playstations, Xbox), and other IoT Devices, required robust online privacy protection beyond the capabilities of conventional VPN apps, they set out to address this gap. Their core challenges included:

Challenges & Objectives – The client outlined key requirements.

Device Compatibility

Many devices lacked native support for VPN applications, leaving users without adequate online privacy options.

Public WiFi

Protecting public WiFi hotspot routers was identified as a crucial need. Ensuring the ultimate level of security for businesses, including offices, restaurants, and etc.

Network-Level Protection

Users sought privacy assurances beyond what standard apps could offer, particularly when connecting multiple devices.

Router Compatibility

Integrating VPN functionality seamlessly within a WiFi router was a significant challenge. It required compatibility with a variety of router firmware.

Innovative Solution

This strategic partnership with PureWL addressed these challenges by not only enhancing online privacy and security but also by offering cost-effective network protection solutions that ensure the security and goodwill of businesses across various industries.

  1. Effortless Deployment:

    The integrated router eradicated the need for users to install and configure VPN apps, connecting seamlessly over WiFi. PureWL’s well-documented and developer-friendly APIs simplified the integration process, making online privacy accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

  2. Extensive Device Compatibility:

    Unlike traditional VPN apps, the integrated solution provided privacy protection to devices where native app support was lacking, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more. PureWL’s versatile APIs enabled easy adaptation to various devices, extending the reach of online privacy protection.

  3. Network-Level Protection:

    The VPN router technology offered a unique layer of network-level protection, significantly reducing privacy risks associated with personal data leaks. PureWL’s APIs played a pivotal role in establishing this network-level security, ensuring that users’ information remains confidential and secure.

  4. Multidevice Support:

    The router allowed users to connect up to 15 devices simultaneously, thanks to the flexibility of PureWL’s APIs. This made it a versatile solution for households and businesses with multiple devices requiring online privacy.

  5. Battery Efficiency:

    In contrast to resource-intensive VPN apps, this solution’s integration, driven by PureWL’s efficient APIs, didn’t drain device battery life, ensuring an uninterrupted online experience.

  6. Always-On Privacy:

    The integrated router provided constant, always-on protection for all connected devices, addressing the needs of privacy-conscious users. PureWL’s APIs facilitated seamless and continuous operation, enhancing the overall user experience.

  7. Additional Features and Competitive Advantages:

    By embedding PureWL’s superior VPN solution within their router hardware, the VPN router company gained a significant competitive advantage. This allowed them to enhance router efficiency, add extra functionality, and greatly improve customer appeal. Not only did this integration enhance their existing product line, but it also allowed them to reach new audiences and penetrate previously unexplored markets.

  8. Time and Cost Savings:

    By choosing to integrate PureWL’s VPN solution instead of developing their own, the VPN router company saved considerable time and resources. Developing a VPN from scratch would have taken about a year, along with ongoing maintenance. Embedding PureWL’s solution allowed them to focus on their core business while leaving the complexities of VPN development, server infrastructure, and security to seasoned professionals. This resulted in significant time and cost savings.

Result and Impact

The strategic partnership between the VPN router company and PureWL, utilizing PureWL’s powerful APIs, addressed several crucial business challenges. By addressing the limitations of traditional VPN apps and extending online privacy protection to a wider range of devices, the company successfully attracted users who were previously underserved by conventional VPN solutions.

Transition to a Recurring Revenue Model (SaaS)

In a world where companies are increasingly looking to shift to a Software as a
Service (SaaS) model, this integration allowed a hardware company to make the
leap. By offering subscription-based VPN services, the VPN router company
transformed its revenue model from one-time hardware sales to a recurring
revenue model, helping the company with profitability, growing revenue
stream, fostering customer loyalty, creating opportunities for additional revenue,
and supporting strategic investments in business expansion.

Steady Cash Flow

With the substantial increase in recurring revenue and an impressive 9x growth in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), the company witnessed a significant enhancement in key financial metrics. This remarkable transformation not only boosted the company’s short-term profitability but also set the stage for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Increased User Engagement

Boasting over 110,000 Monthly Active Users, subscribers consistently remained deeply engaged with the VPN services, establishing a profound connection with the company. This fortified their loyalty and provided an ideal ground for the company to identify and leverage additional upsell opportunities.

Reshaping the Landscape with Integrated VPN Router Solutions

The collaboration between the VPN router company and PureWL, with a strong emphasis on the integration of PureWL’s APIs, exemplifies the power of innovation in addressing the evolving needs of users in the dynamic digital landscape. As the demand for enhanced online privacy continues to grow, this successful case study demonstrates how partnership and integration can lead to a transformative solution that reshapes the way users protect their privacy online. It also highlights the immense potential for routers to enhance user privacy by incorporating VPN technology, expanding their offerings, and ensuring online security.

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