Elevate Your Managed Service Provider Business

PureWL’s VPN technology enhances the capabilities of Managed Service Providers, enabling them to meet the evolving demands of clients for data security and online privacy. Incorporate PureWL’s VPN technology into your MSP service portfolios, & strengthen client relationships and ensure comprehensive data protection.

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Why Choose PureWL as Your Technology Partner?

MSPs, entrusted with the critical task of managing their clients’ IT infrastructure, can leverage PureWL to bolster their service portfolio with VPN solutions that ensure data security, privacy, and enhanced online experiences for their clients.

Data Protection and Security:

MSPs can offer robust VPN solutions to protect client data by encrypting all communication, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential, safeguarding against cyber threats and data breaches.

 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

MSPs can leverage VPN technology to establish secure connections during disaster recovery scenarios. This ensures that critical operations continue seamlessly even in challenging circumstances, minimizing downtime.

Multi-Site Connectivity:

MSPs can offer clients VPN solutions for connecting multiple offices and remote sites securely. This simplifies network management and ensures a seamless flow of data between locations.

Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM):

MSPs can offer secure VPN connections for mobile devices used in client organizations, protecting sensitive corporate data on smartphones and tablets.

Influence Your Primary KPIs

Enhanced Security & Customer Satisfaction

As a managed service provider, profitability and customer satisfaction are top priorities. PureWL’s white-label VPN offering is the solution to achieve both. By integrating our VPN service, you can significantly improve your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and expand your lifetime margins.

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Data Insights

Leverage the data insights provided by the VPN service to refine your SaaS product, offer personalized recommendations, and create targeted marketing campaigns, all of which can boost lifetime margins.

Service Bundles

Elevate your managed services by bundling them with our VPN offering. This comprehensive approach allows you to command premium prices and boost overall ARPUs.

Long-Term Goals

Increase ARPU by encouraging customers to commit to longer subscription periods. Offer incentives for annual or multi-year VPN subscriptions, increasing both short-term revenue and customer lifetime value.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a secure and reliable VPN service to enhance the overall customer experience. This leads to higher customer retention rates and greater lifetime margins.

 Reduced Churn

The added value of our VPN service lowers customer attrition rates, as users perceive your managed services as more comprehensive and valuable.

Reduced Support Costs

Our round-the-clock customer support as an add-on service can significantly reduce your customer support expenses, optimizing your operational costs and improving lifetime margins.

Rapid Integration & Quick Deployment

Integrating PureWL’s white-label VPN into your service offerings is quick and straightforward. This means you can swiftly enhance your managed services with VPN capabilities, addressing client data privacy and security concerns without extensive development time or resource allocation.

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How MSPs Can Excel Using PureWL

MSPs face the ongoing challenge of securing client data and ensuring their online experiences are safe and private. PureWL equips MSPs with the tools and support needed to address these critical issues.

Reach New Horizons with Purewl

PureWL’s White Label VPN brings ideas to life, and its platform can elevate brands without requiring extensive investment in technologies that PureWL has perfected.

Other Industries We Serve

Public Sector

Public sector industries can harness the power of VPN technology to enhance data security, privacy, and accessibility.

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Retail & Entertainment

Ensuring secure, seamless, and personalized digital experiences for customers while opening up new revenue streams for businesses.

Industry Details

Hardware Manufacturing

VPN integration in hardware manufacturing is a strategic move to enhance data security, privacy, and the overall value of your products.

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