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Strengthening the Ecosystem with a VPN

Industry: SaaS Business

Highlights: Business Ready VPN service, Custom Solution, Bundle Offer

“Integrating their VPN technology into our bundle offering, helped us achieve remarkable results, we’ve added a good number of users to our eco-system, and the 4.7-star rating reflects their satisfaction with the enhanced privacy and security. PureWL’s contribution has been instrumental in our success, and we look forward to continuing our journey to provide users to-notch experiences with them.”


In a world where user privacy and security are paramount, a white label partner, renowned for bundling 40+ apps into one convenient subscription on iOS, joined forces with PureWL, a leading VPN technology provider.

This case study explores how this partnership addressed the increasing demand for bundled services and provided innovative solutions for user privacy and security and highlighting the substantial growth in their bundle sales and an impressive 4.7-star user rating achieved through their joint efforts.

Navigating Complexities & Challenges

Client’s Vision

An already established software development company, with a mission to create solutions that simplify daily challenges, sought out to add a new product to their ecosystem to further enhance the privacy and security of users. The company recognized the growing importance of digital privacy and security and saw an opportunity to introduce a VPN app to address these needs. This strategic move aimed to provide their existing user base and new customers with a comprehensive solution for safeguarding their online activities and data.

Challenges & Objectives – The client outlined key requirements.

Create a Seamless User Experience

Make privacy and security easily accessible to all users, regardless of technical expertise, within their bundled subscription.

Unified Subscription Access

The challenge was to offer customers a single auto-renewable subscription service accessible through multiple apps on different platforms.

Customized VPN App Template

To offer a customized VPN app template with their own branding, providing a cohesive and branded experience for iOS users.

Freemium Offering

The client also wanted to implement a freemium model that offered basic features for free, enticing users to upgrade to the premium subscription tier.

Innovative Solution

The partnership with PureWL was instrumental in addressing the client’s multifaceted challenges and objectives. Together, they crafted an innovative solution that revolutionized the way users experienced the subscription service. This groundbreaking solution comprised several key components:

  1. User-Centric Design:

    PureWL maintained a user-centric design philosophy. The entire experience was tailored to prioritize user convenience, satisfaction, and trust. Users felt empowered to navigate the app ecosystem, enjoying a unified and coherent experience.

  2. Crafting a New VPN App for iOS:

    As a key element of the solution, PureWL introduced a customized VPN app template. This template allowed the client to tailor the VPN app’s branding and user interface to align seamlessly with their overall app ecosystem. It provided a consistent and branded experience for users, reinforcing their trust in the client’s offerings.

  3. Unified Subscription Architecture:

    PureWL worked closely with the client to implement a unified subscription architecture (already developed by the client) that seamlessly integrated the subscription service across multiple apps. This architecture ensured that users, regardless of the app they initially subscribed from, could access the subscription’s benefits effortlessly. With a single subscription, users unlocked a world of premium content and features across the client’s app ecosystem.

  4. Integration of VPN Technology:

    As a cornerstone of the solution, PureWL integrated VPN technology seamlessly through its robust SDK. This allowed the client to provide users with an added layer of privacy and security, ensuring that their online activities remained private and protected. The SDK offered advanced data tunneling protocols like IPSec, IKeV2, Wireguard, and OpenVPN, making it a powerful tool in safeguarding users’ online presence.

  5. Freemium Implementation:

    In addition to the core solution, PureWL played a significant role in implementing the freemium offering. This strategic approach involved providing a free tier with basic features, enticing users to explore the premium subscription for more advanced capabilities. Users could effortlessly upgrade from the free tier to the premium subscription, expanding the client’s revenue opportunities.

  6. Array of VPN Features Within the App:

    The VPN app, powered by PureWL, delivered a robust feature set for enhanced online security and performance:

    • Military-Grade Encryption: Strong data protection for online privacy.
    • Regional Content Access: Unblock in-demand streaming channels.
    • Public Wi-Fi Security: Shield sensitive data on public networks.
    • On-Demand: Allow certain URL and Apps via VPN only.

Result and Impact

The strategic partnership between the client and PureWL, leveraging PureWL’s 15 years of industry expertise and technical know-how, successfully tackled numerous challenges. The culmination of this collaboration, a robust VPN app, delivered transformative results and made a significant impact:

2x Growth in Subscription Sales

The introduction of the unified subscription model, coupled with the array of VPN features, led to a remarkable 2x increase in subscription sales. Users were drawn to the all-encompassing app experience and the enhanced security it offered, resulting in a substantial boost in revenue.

Freemium Model Success:

The implementation of a freemium model, featuring a free tier with basic features and enticing users to explore the premium subscription, proved exceptionally successful. This strategic approach not only broadened the user base but also yielded a remarkable 40% increase in conversion rates, while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs by 56%. As a result, the client witnessed a substantial boost in profits and sustained user engagement.

User Trust and Loyalty

The VPN app’s exceptional 4.7-star user rating served as a testament to its effectiveness and user satisfaction. This high user rating not only reflected the app’s quality but also fostered user trust and loyalty. Users embraced the app as an indispensable tool for their online security needs.

A Model for Enhanced User Satisfaction and Engagement

This case study highlights the client’s successful implementation of a solution that enabled a unified subscription experience across multiple apps, ultimately improving user access and experience. By addressing the challenges of user authentication, billing status management, and subscription status validation, the client created a more user-friendly and streamlined subscription service, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This approach serves as a model for other app developers seeking to provide a seamless subscription experience across their app ecosystem, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

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