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Leveraging PureWL SDKs and APIs for Growth

Industry: SaaS Vendors

Highlights: PureWL SDK & APIs, Bandwidth utilization, Monetization

“Our decision to go with PureWL helped us achieve amazing growth. The integration of PureWL’s technology has not only expanded our user base but also enabled us to monetize through premium conversions and freemium model powered by ads. We’re thrilled with the outcomes and excited for the future.”


In the fiercely competitive landscape of VPN service providers, one company sought to differentiate itself by offering a unique user experience. A UK focused VPN app, designed to protect users, whilst providing epic browsing speeds and a great user experience. This case study delves into how the strategic integration of PureWL’s SDKs empowered this VPN brand to implement a bandwidth-based freemium model, driving remarkable user growth and monetization opportunities.

The partnership between the VPN service provider and PureWL marked a pivotal moment in their journey towards innovation, growth, and market leadership.

Challenges & Objectives

Facing a crowded market and discerning user base, the VPN service provider identified several key challenges and objectives:

Challenges & Objectives – The client outlined key requirements.

User Acquisition

Capturing the attention of users in a saturated market required a compelling offering that resonated with their needs and preferences.

Monetization Strategy

Finding a model that encouraged user acquisition while also enabling VPN brand with monetization of the service was crucial.

Network Security

Users sought privacy assurances beyond what standard apps could offer, particularly when connecting multiple devices.

Exceptional Product Offering

Catering to a mass audience of free and paid users, delivering a seamless and secure VPN experience across diverse platforms and devices.

Innovative Solution

The strategic integration of PureWL’s SDKs empowered the VPN service provider to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable results.

  1. Seamless Integration Across Platforms:

    Leveraging PureWL’s SDKs for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, the partners ensured a consistent and intuitive user experience across devices.

  2. Streamlined User Onboarding:

    PureWL’s API services simplified user authentication and account creation processes, enhancing user engagement and retention.

  3. Optimized Server Selection:

    Using PureWL’s endpoints, the partners implemented algorithms to identify the fastest and most suitable VPN servers, optimizing performance and reliability.

  4. Flexible Protocol Support:

    PureWL enabled users to establish secure VPN connections using a variety of protocols, ensuring robust encryption and privacy protection.

  5. Battery Efficiency:

    In contrast to resource-intensive VPN apps, this solution’s integration, driven by PureWL’s efficient SDKs, didn’t drain device battery life, ensuring an uninterrupted online experience.

  6. Bandwidth-Based Freemium Model:

    PureWL’s SDKs enabled the implementation of a bandwidth-based freemium model, allowing users to access basic VPN services with limited bandwidth for free. Users could seamlessly upgrade to premium plans for higher bandwidth limits and additional features.

  7. Ad Monetization:

    In addition to premium conversions, the VPN service provider capitalized on targeted advertising opportunities within the app. PureWL’s SDKs provided robust ad monetization capabilities, enabling the company to generate additional revenue streams while enhancing user engagement.

  8. Time and Cost Savings:

    By choosing to integrate PureWL’s VPN solution instead of developing their own, the VPN brand saved considerable time and resources. Developing a VPN from scratch would have taken about a year, along with ongoing maintenance. Embedding PureWL’s solution allowed them to focus on their core business while leaving the complexities of VPN development, server infrastructure, and security to seasoned professionals. This resulted in significant time and cost savings.

Result and Impact

The strategic integration of PureWL’s SDKs enabled the VPN service provider to achieve remarkable results and drive impactful outcomes across various facets of their business and service delivery. Here’s a deeper dive into the specific areas where PureWL’s SDKs made a significant difference:

Driving Acquisition and Enhanced Experience

PureWL’s SDKs played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall user experience of the VPN service provider’s platform. By providing seamless integration across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, users were able to access VPN services with ease and consistency. 

Going from 0 to 10,000+ Active users in just 1 and a half month, the strategic integration of PureWL’s SDKs not only facilitated unprecedented user growth, but also elevated retention rates. By eliminating concerns about capital expenditures, the VPN service provider could afford Cost Per Acquisitions (CPAs) up to 2 times higher than their competitors

Optimized & Enhanced VPN Performance

PureWL’s services offered robust mechanisms for optimizing server selection and performance. By leveraging the GetServer endpoint, the client implemented algorithms to identify the fastest and most suitable VPN servers for users. Whether using the ping datacenter algorithm or latitude and longitude-based approach, users could connect to servers with minimal latency, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With this optimization their retention rates for their VPN brand soared by 1.4 times to what industry benchmark are for a VPN with freemium offering, cementing a loyal user base and sustaining exponential growth.

Monetization Success

The integration of PureWL’s SDKs and API services enabled the client to unlock new monetization opportunities and drive revenue growth. By implementing a bandwidth-based freemium model, users could access basic VPN services for free while opting for premium plans with enhanced features. Additionally, the client capitalized on targeted advertising within the platform. These revenue streams, coupled with increased premium conversions, propelled the company’s financial performance and sustainability.

Utilizing PureWL for Seamless Integration and Results

the strategic integration of PureWL’s SDKs and API services empowered our client to redefine the VPN landscape, driving significant user growth, engagement, and monetization. By offering a seamless user experience, optimizing server selection, and unlocking new revenue streams, the client positioned itself as a leader in the competitive VPN market. Looking ahead, the partnership between our client and PureWL continues to drive innovation and deliver value to users worldwide.

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