A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Suite

Beyond just an Antivirus: MSP x PureWL Synergy

Industry: Managed Service Provider

Highlights: SDK and APIs, Custom Solution, Cybersecurity

“PureWL’s VPN integration helped us streamline our vision of creating a security suite. We’re thrilled with the transformation it brought to our business. Our clients have responded with great satisfaction, we’ve been able to offer our clients a level of protection that goes beyond traditional antivirus.


Based in United States, our featured Managed Service Provider (MSP) has been diligently safeguarding both individuals and corporate IT environments for over two decades. The MSP Specializing in antivirus services found itself at a crossroads. Their commitment to safeguarding clients’ digital domains was resolute, but the growing complexity of cyber threats demanded an evolution. In this case study, we explore the transformation of this MSP through a strategic partnership with PureWL, a renowned VPN technology provider.

Navigating Complexities & Challenges

Client’s Vision

The MSP had a clear vision – they wanted to expand beyond antivirus services and become a comprehensive cybersecurity provider. Their goal was to offer advanced, adaptable protection and broaden their market presence while maintaining their reputation for excellence.

Challenges & Objectives – The client outlined key requirements.

Technical Complexity & User Experience

Merging antivirus and VPN technologies into a single app demanded intricate technical work. The app had to offer smooth and consistent performance while efficiently executing antivirus scans and ensuring VPN encryption.

Advanced Threat Defense

The MSP’s clients were increasingly susceptible to targeted cyberattacks with evolving malware strains. The challenge was to bolster the existing security suite to defend against such advanced cyberattacks effectively.

Stack Resource Management

Integrating two resource-intensive technologies required effective resource management. preventing system slowdowns, cost overruns, scope creep and resource conflicts was a significant technical challenge.

Cross-Platform Consistency

Maintaining a consistent user experience across multiple platforms and operating systems was technically complex. The development team had two adapt the app’s technical architecture of building a VPN technology from scratch.

Innovative Solution

Empowered by their vision and shared dedication to cybersecurity, the MSP formed a transformative partnership with PureWL, a leading VPN technology provider. This partnership wasn’t merely a collaboration; it was a journey of innovation.

  1. Integrating VPN Technology

    PureWL provided the MSP with a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) and well-documented APIs for seamless integration of their VPN technology into the MSP’s existing antivirus software. This made it possible to merge antivirus and VPN technologies into a single, user-friendly app. The development team leveraged these SDKs and APIs to create a robust, high-performance application that efficiently executed antivirus scans while ensuring VPN encryption.

  2. Efficient Resource Management

    Partnering with PureWL played a pivotal role in the development of a comprehensive cybersecurity suite. Outsourcing the VPN technology, proved to be instrumental in several key aspects:

    • Cost Optimization

      Outsourcing the VPN technology to PureWL allowed the MSP to avoid the substantial capital expenses associated with setting up and maintaining their own VPN infrastructure. This cost-saving measure freed up financial resources that could be redirected towards business expansion and innovation, enabling the MSP to focus more on core business objectives.

    • Time Efficiency

      Managing a VPN server can be a complex and time-consuming task. By partnering with PureWL, the MSP leveraged PureWL’s expertise and well-documented APIs for VPN integration. This not only streamlined the initial setup but also significantly reduced the ongoing time and effort required to maintain the VPN technology. With fewer resources dedicated to server management, the MSP’s team was able to allocate their time and skills to more strategic and business-critical tasks.

    • Scalability and Flexibility

      Outsourcing the VPN technology to PureWL provided the MSP with the flexibility to scale their VPN server resources as needed. This scalability was essential for accommodating fluctuations in demand and ensuring that the cybersecurity suite remained responsive and robust. By leveraging PureWL’s infrastructure, the MSP could easily adapt to changes in client requirements and evolving cybersecurity challenges.

  3. Multi-Platform Compatibility

    To ensure the user experience was consistent across various platforms and operating systems, PureWL’s cross-platform SDKs for VPN technology played a pivotal role. This allowed the MSP to deliver a seamless user experience, whether on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS devices. Users could easily switch between devices without sacrificing performance or usability.

  4. Multi-Layered Threat Defense

    The MSP’s partnership with PureWL significantly fortifies its capacity to furnish clients with a multi-faceted defense strategy. By incorporating PureWL’s military-grade encryption, the collaboration further augments the MSP’s ability to deliver a multi-layered defense, providing clients with comprehensive protection against a multitude of evolving cyber threats.

Result and Impact

The strategic partnership between the client and PureWL, leveraging PureWL’s 15 years of industry expertise and technical know-how, successfully tackled numerous challenges. The culmination of this collaboration, a robust VPN app, delivered transformative results and made a significant impact:

2x Growth in Subscription Sales

The introduction of the unified subscription model, coupled with the array of VPN features, led to a remarkable 2x increase in subscription sales. Users were drawn to the all-encompassing app experience and the enhanced security it offered, resulting in a substantial boost in revenue.

Freemium Model Success:

The implementation of a freemium model, featuring a free tier with basic features and enticing users to explore the premium subscription, proved exceptionally successful. This strategic approach not only broadened the user base but also yielded a remarkable 40% increase in conversion rates, while simultaneously reducing acquisition costs by 56%. As a result, the client witnessed a substantial boost in profits and sustained user engagement.

User Trust and Loyalty

The VPN app’s exceptional 4.7-star user rating served as a testament to its effectiveness and user satisfaction. This high user rating not only reflected the app’s quality but also fostered user trust and loyalty. Users embraced the app as an indispensable tool for their online security needs.

A Model for Enhanced User Satisfaction and Engagement

This case study highlights the client’s successful implementation of a solution that enabled a unified subscription experience across multiple apps, ultimately improving user access and experience. By addressing the challenges of user authentication, billing status management, and subscription status validation, the client created a more user-friendly and streamlined subscription service, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This approach serves as a model for other app developers seeking to provide a seamless subscription experience across their app ecosystem, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

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