Security Against Malware

Transportation networks rely upon the integrity and security of internal servers, and PureWL has the power to make that possible.

Here’s what makes PureWL necessary in the Transport Sector

  • Keep all unwanted parties at bay, and enjoy exclusive access to sensitive data.
  • Benefit from blazing-fast internet speeds without risking privacy online.
  • Gain access to remote servers via dedicated IPs.
  • Transfer select internet traffic to encrypted channels while maintaining local traffic flow.

Benefit from PureWL’s Dependable White Label VPN Solution

PureWL has the potential and determination to enable businesses to utilize innovative technologies to safeguard their interests or complement their offerings with a customized VPN solution. What’s more, is that PureWL can do so with complete transparency and unparalleled dedication. 

PureWL’s Solution for Data Security in the Transport Industry

PureWL provides access to leading VPN infrastructure that keeps all sensitive information private and secure, thus, preventing all malicious acts from ever being successful.

Importance of VPNs in Transport

The transport network of a region is what keeps the region operational. Even the most minute issue in the transport network can bring countries to a halt. And keeping such massive transport networks requires enormous server farms. And there is rarely a better tool than a VPN service to safeguard those servers against malware.

Military-Grade Encryption

Benefit from state-of-the-art military-grade encryption that keeps all communication between the sender
and the intended recipient.

Internet Kill Switch

Is the VPN connection down? No worries, the Internet Kill Switch will ensure privacy by terminating the internet connection automatically.

No-Logs Policy

Rest assured, as the No-Logs policy ascertains erasing all user data from online servers.

Split Tunneling

Gain access to non-encrypted and encrypted traffic simultaneously on the same device.

Dedicated IPs

Gain exclusive access to dedicated IPs that provide exclusive access to confidential information.

Sophisticated VPN Protocols

Enjoy access to leading VPN protocols capable of securing user data and maintaining privacy without fail.

Other Industries We Serve


With the help of PureWL’s VPN capabilities, you can properly secure patients’ medical records the way they are meant to be.


Government sectors have also entered the digital era, thus, opening them up to significant digital threats. And PureWL has the infrastructure to secure all of them.


Dealing with money brings inherent threats and dangers, and PureWL has a way to counter them all.